What Every Girl Needs to Know About Online Dating

Online dating

Remember when using dating apps or meeting and dating someone you met through dating apps was considered bad? Well, not anymore. In fact, it’s almost the opposite now. Many people, especially young adults, now love using dating apps to find their soul mates.

But there are some problems when it comes to dating apps. You might’ve heard many horror stories about dating apps. For example, guys who are only looking for a one-night stand, cat fishing, or even outright scary and dangerous experiences.

That’s why you need to know a few important things about online dating before you start committing to it. Let’s get right to it.

Spending time in person is more important

Okay, so you met someone through a dating app, or perhaps you gave a guy your phone number. After you’re done with background checks and sure that he isn’t a murderer or anything like that, it’s to meet him in person.

Sometimes talking to someone through the phone or internet just falls flat. That’s why you shouldn’t feel too discouraged just because you don’t feel any connection at first. To take it to the next level, choose a nice public place to meet. After all, you’re looking for a human companion and not a human on a screen.

Learn the red flags

There are millions of people using dating apps. It’ll take you hours to comb through dozens or even hundreds of profiles just to find the right one. To speed up the process, you can discard profiles that show too many red flags.

The first red flag is an incomplete profile. Creating an online profile isn’t easy and those who put effort into it have shown that they’re serious about online dating. So, if you see an incomplete or half-done profile, you can take it as a sign that the guy isn’t serious about it.

The second is bad pick-up lines. Bad pick-up lines are funny sometimes, but only if you’re not the one receiving it. How a person initiates a conversation with you will tell you a lot about how they behave and how they see you as a person.

If he starts by making a comment on your body in a sexual way, you can consider it a red flag. Too many cheesy lines can also be a red flag, depending on your taste.

The third is a bit scary: too mysterious. Online dating is like the wild west. So many mysteries involving the people in it. To some, it can be alluring and exciting, but if someone is being too secretive, it can be scary as well.

It’s important to know as much as possible about the person you’re talking to before meeting him in person. If you think he is hiding something or giving too little about himself, you should be careful. Sometimes, people like this tend to cancel their plans at the last minute and that is a big red flag.

The last red flag is demanding or controlling. People like this are more common than you think. If he already sounds demanding or controlling, imagine what he is going to be like once you two are dating.

Safety is your number one priority

Much like conventional dating, online dating can be dangerous as well. This is why I suggest meeting someone in public places, especially for the first couple of dates.

Never agree when someone asks you to meet somewhere private for the first date. Besides a risk to your safety, you might feel trapped or uncomfortable if you don’t enjoy the date. On the contrary, if you’re meeting in a public space, and you’re not enjoying the date, you can end it and leave anytime.

It’s important to pick a place that’s not too far or too close to your place, a place that you’re familiar with or have visited before, or a place where you can head home with no problems.

Also, last but not least, watch out for alcohol. Don’t drink too much and remember that bartenders are using secret codes to send or receive signals from customers. So, if you’re being harassed or not comfortable, you can ask for their help.

Online dating is fun, but you should always be careful

Like I said online dating is fun if done the right way and if you’re feeling safe and comfortable. With the right approach, you can definitely the love of your life and stay away from troubles.

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