5 Tips to Assist a Senior Who is Unable to Walk

Tips to Assist a Senior Who is Unable to Walk

Many problems could lead to mobility problems. Even middle-aged people could have these issues, let alone seniors. Some common problems like aging, inactivity, specific conditions like Parkinson’s disease, obesity, and so on, could prevent someone from moving freely. No matter what the cause is, there are ways to help people with mobility problems. And in this article, we are going to learn how.

Use mobility aids

The advancement of technology in the modern world has made seniors with mobility problems move around much easier than before. Even seniors who are unable to walk should be able to go wherever they want with the right aid. This kind of device should be chosen based on the severity of a senior’s mobility problems. Sometimes, seniors can also get customized devices that help with their specific problems in specific places, i.e. cars, homes, public places, bathrooms, etc.

Some popular types of mobility aids you can find on the market are wheelchairs, walkers, and home lifts. There may be plenty of other mobility aids that you have never heard of before. This is normal considering that there are now so many types of mobility aids. So to help you find the right one, you should check out Age Co Mobility.

Simplify activities

Sometimes, it’s best to not force things that you cannot do. Some activities like running errands, exercising, and other fun activities could be too difficult for some seniors. The solution is, instead of forcing oneself to do these activities or getting rid of them entirely, you can just simplify them.

What I mean by this is to modify these activities to the point that they are doable and still fun. Exercising, for example, might be too difficult to do normally. So you can change it to water-based exercise, for example. Same thing you can do with other activities. Walking may be too difficult for some seniors, so instead of not walking at all, try to walk indoors or around the house.

Make water more accessible

Water is essential to make sure our muscles and joints are working properly. And as we age, we need to drink more water to keep them working properly for as long as possible. Anything that can hinder a senior from getting water is a bad idea. So make sure that water is easily accessible by seniors in the house and make it easy for them to drink water.

Sign up for physical therapy

If your loved one hasn’t lost the ability to walk permanently, it’d be a great idea to sign them up for physical therapy. In physical therapy, seniors are taught to take steps to boost their muscle strength little by little and provide support all the way. Not only that, but they will also have the chance to improve balance and flexibility while moving around.

It may take time, but physical therapy is one of the best solutions for seniors to improve their mobility functions. The physical can give you contact information for a qualified specialist for whatever problem your loved one may have. Usually, their programs are detailed and cover every single aspect of the recovery and improvement process. A physical therapist can also come to your house to provide assistance based on prior agreement.

Join a support group

Not being able to move properly doesn’t only affect one’s physical health but also mental health. It can be devastating and stressful to be bound in one place and unable to move freely. This kind of situation will only get worse if neglected. Therefore, it’d be a great idea to sing your loved one to a support group for the sake of their mental health.

Take your loved one to a support group with other people who are also unable to walk. Being around individuals going through the same problems may ease their mind. And they can share and talk to others about their life and experience. Overall, joining a support group could benefit seniors physically and mentally.


Assisting a senior who is unable to walk could be difficult. But, you can make it much easier with all the tips above. Every bit of assistant you offer will mean a lot to them. And I am sure your loved one will appreciate all the help you give.

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