How To Tell If A Guy Is Flirting With You


Knowing the signs of flirting can be very important. Whether you’re on the lookout or just trying to know what men are thinking about you, recognizing the signs could help you a lot.

Never miss out on the subtle clues and movements that a guy makes when he is flirting with you. And most importantly, knowing exactly if a guy is flirting with you or just being friendly.

He gives you awkward compliments

It’s indeed nice to receive compliments, but what about awkward compliments. Turns out, that men tend to give awkward compliments to see how you’d react. It’s their way of testing the water if you would.

So, when a guy likes to jokingly pick on you by making a comment about your looks or personality, it might be a sign that he is into you. Of course, there’s a limit to how much can someone tease you. If you feel uncomfortable or sad because of his comments, you should tell him that.

He treats you differently from other girls

This might be the obvious sign on this list. But the problem is that some guys are flirty to everyone. Guys like this flirt with everyone, because it is their normal behaviors.

That being said, even flirty guys will treat a girl they like differently. The way they talk, flirt, and interact in general will be different when it’s directed to someone they like.

Observe him and see how he behaves around others, then compare it to the way he behaves around you. If you can see a difference, then he might be into you.

A lot of brief glances

When a guy throws you a brief glance, there is a high chance that he isn’t flirting with your or anything like that. But it’s different when he does that a lot.

Men usually, without even realizing it, throw or direct many brief glances at someone they like. And sometimes he is trying to tell you that he is interested to talk to you more. So, if you keep looking at a guy’s eyes from across the room, it might be more than just a coincidence.

He tries to understand your relationship status

Curiosity is a good sign of someone being interested in you. If a guy tries his hardest to figure out your relationship status, there’s a high chance he’s into you. That means he’s trying to know if you’re available to take things further or not.

The way he asks you may vary. You should watch out for questions like “Are you here alone?”, “Your boyfriend is really lucky”, or “No way a girl like you is single”. If you hear any of these questions, he might be flirting with you.

He seems shy or flustered

You know that someone is in love when they turn red when seeing someone. Even the most confident guy can be shy or flustered when he is in talking to his crush.

If you’re wondering why the guy you’re talking to is rambling on some subjects, that might be because he likes you.

He fidgets when he’s near you

Similar to the sign above. When a guy keeps messing with his jeans or jacket when he’s near you, that’s a sign that he’s excited.

Many guys don’t know what to do with their hands when talking to girls they like. That’s why they fidget a lot. Sometimes a guy might fidget a lot that they look like they’re uncomfortable.

Before you conclude, it’s important to know whether the guy is normally awkward or not. Because there is a chance that the guy is just awkward and fidgets a lot. That means he isn’t flirting with you. But if he’s a pretty confident guy or only fidgets around you, then there might be something else here.

He can’t stop trying to impress you

It’s normal for a guy to do something extra to impress the girl that he likes. Sometimes he will also mention his big promotion, hobbies, apartment, or talents to impress someone.

Not to be mistaken for being arrogant, as long as he’s only doing it to you, then he might be trying to get you to like him.

Maybe it’s time for you to put it past the flirting stage

After you’re confident that he’s into you, you can push him a little bit to finally commit. Even though at some point he might seem less engaged or even cold toward you, you can pull him closer. So don’t be afraid to be more afraid.

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