How To Help Your Partner Lose Weight

exercising together

Whether your partner wants to lose weight, or you convinced them to lose weight, you should always support them no matter what. The journey to lose weight can be difficult and sometimes even frustrating. It’s not uncommon for people who’re trying to lose weight, are losing their minds instead.

Emotional support is just as important as anything else. That’s why you can do a lot for your partner’s journey to be healthy.

In this article, I want to help you help your partner to lose weight. There are some things that you must and mustn’t do to help your partner. Anyway, let’s get right to it.

Don’t be a smart-pants

I mean don’t be someone that sounds like they know it all. Losing weight is already difficult enough, and having to listen to someone like this on top of that? That’s torture.

If you’re someone who already exercises regularly and knows a thing or two about staying fit, you must resist the urge to bombard your partner with advice or suggestions. If you do it too much, you’ll be overstepping and making it uncomfortable for your partner.

It’s even worse if your partner is easily annoyed or offended. So, don’t throw a bunch of ideas too much in a short amount of time. Let your partner go at their own pace and only step in if you think they don’t put any effort in.

If you have some great ideas that can help your partner to lose weight, then please share it with them. Just don’t forget to tell them that these ideas worked for you and give them space to process it.

Always eat healthily

Exercising is only a smart part of losing weight, diet, on the other hand, is crucial. Helping your partner to eat healthy will contribute a lot to help them lose weight.

To make things much easier, you can help by showing your partner how to eat healthily and always keep healthy foods in your refrigerator. And of course, always eat together with your partner. This will motivate them to keep going and both of you will be healthier than before.

Another thing you can do is to learn the things that can trigger cravings or overeating at home. Overeating is always the number one cause of obesity and by learning what caused it, you can stop it completely.

The most popular culprits are chips, candies, soda, and other junk foods. Make sure that none of these things enters your house.

Always encourage your partner

Encouragement or motivation from someone that you love is always valuable. Especially when you’re doing something difficult that drains your physical and emotional strength. And it’s not even difficult to do this, you can say things like ‘I believe in your’, or ‘You can do this’, and you’re already being supportive.

To make your encouragement more effective, think about what motivates your partner the most. And since everyone is different, sometimes saying random encouragement words don’t work on your partner. Maybe say something that truly comes from your heart, something that is genuine.

Other things you can do are grocery shopping together, helping your partner by researching new healthy options or pick them some new workout clothes. The last one is important since good workout clothes can highly motivate the wearer to keep working out.

Last but not least, work out together

Who doesn’t want a partner who is supportive and exercises together with you? Exercising with your partner is a great way to support them on their journey to lose weight. And it’s not just for your partner but also for yourself too.

You can work out together at home and make it more interesting. Set a goal for both of you like walking 10 thousand steps a day, yoga for an hour, jogging for a certain distance in the morning, or going to the same gym and at the same time.

Learning new workout routines together can be really fun too. The point is that you do things together and be healthy together. No matter how hard it is, you can make things easier for your partner.

Never stop supporting your partner

The best thing about being a supportive partner is that you can make things easier for them. When your partner is happy, you’ll be happy too. And at the end of the journey, your relationship will be stronger and healthier.

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