Best Ways To Dress For The Gym If Open To Dating


So, you’re loving your time at the gym and a few others there you wouldn’t mind, maybe, dating? I mean, why not? They take care of themselves and seem disciplined, and you can tick the “Same hobby” box off your list already.

There’s nothing wrong with dating someone you met at the gym. But the problem is, do you know what to wear to let him or her know that you’re open to dating?

You might already know what to wear to go to the gym, but something for the gym that looks good? Now that’s tricky. But luckily, I have some great ideas that you can use to attract your potential soulmate.

Shorts or pants?

This is for men who go to the gym. Women seem to like both shorts and pants, but there some things that you should know.

Some women think that mesh shorts are practical and make sense for men to wear them at a gym. If you’re comfortable with shorts, you should try them and see her reaction.

But there’s something that you should know first: some women hate shorts. And I mean really hate them. They think only teenagers or college students wear shorts and depending on the shorts, some shorts make men look like a tool. The worst thing is some women think that shorts make men look like an exhibitionist.

Now for pants, seems like pants are more well-received for women. Most women love pants or jogger pants. They think pants are sexy, casual and easy-going, sporty, and overall look good on everyone. If you want to play it safe, make sure you wear pants to the gym.

The downside is that the same women also think that men who wear pants at a gym don’t really work out. Women who are serious about working out at the gym seem to like to think this way. Well, maybe you can prove them wrong by showing them you work out?

Wearing the right T-shirt

One clear thing, women like men who wear workout T-shirts at the gym. I’m talking about T-shirts that can do many things well: sturdy, breathable, absorb sweat and smell and look good. Other than that, a plain old T-shirt should be good enough.

Seems like there are no other opinions from women regarding men’s top. T-shirts with the properties I mentioned above are your best bet.

For things that women don’t like are tank top, long sleeve, sleeveless, and a muscle tee. You should avoid these tops if you don’t want to push her away.

A stylish sports bra

Men love sports bras, and sports bras are great for women who want to work out at a gym. I think the most important thing you should consider is comfort and functionality. Sports bras are individual, what suits other women might not suit you.

Sports bras with neutral colors are a hit among men and these colors hit the perfect balance between functionality and stylish. Other colors like yellow, red, or blue are too much for gyms.

You can combine a sports bra with a loose shirt to create a cute combination. The shirt shouldn’t be too bright either, you can choose colors like light pink, white, grey, or light yellow.

Always remember that picking the right sports bra is also important for your health. Always wear a supportive bra to work out, especially if you have a moderate to a large chest. Otherwise, it can lead to upper back and should pain after you’re done working out.

Yoga pants

I think people know this already, that yoga pants are the best bottom wear for women to go to the gym. Yoga pants are flexible, comfortable to wear, and look stunningly good.

Yoga pants are popular among women because they’re stretchy and can fit perfectly, made of cotton or other soft materials, breathable, affordable, and perfect for the outside of a gym too.

Also, yoga pants are popular among men because they show your curves, make you look so much better, and well, many men are crazy about yoga pants. It’s like a win-win solution for you; you can attract the guy that you like at the gym and feel comfortable working out at the same time.

Working out and flirting at the same time

There you have it, a list of great ways to dress for the gym that you can use to let him or her know that you’re open to dating. Be more confident when you go to the gym by dressing better and hopefully, he or she will pick the signals.

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