Ways To Bond With Your Kids Using Fitness

exercising with your kids

Many parents are struggling to bond with their kids, and that is a shame. Another problem is that many kids are now getting heavier and heavier. Some kids are even categorized as obese and it’s like a life sentence for those kids.

As a parent, there are many ways for you to bond and help your kids stay healthy. And the best way is using fitness to your advantage.

You might think that it’s crazy, but I call this a creative solution to many problems. Fitness can be fun and engaging for both parents and kids. Even better if you already exercising regularly, so now you’ll get a new exercise buddy.

Now it’s time to act and strengthen your relationship with your kids. Here are some fun and effective ways to bond with your kids using fitness.

Turn up the music

That’s right, the best way to get your kids to start exercising is by listening to music while they do it. Get a lot of dance tunes first, choose ones that sound catchy and make you want to move.

Next, move some furniture aside to make some room, this way your kid can move freely. Now play the songs and make sure that it’s loud enough for everyone in the room to hear. You’d be surprised how long you can keep your kid going by doing this.

Fitness instruction videos with music in the background can be fun as well, sometimes they’re even better than just listening to music. Now you and your kid can follow the moves from the video, listening to the music, and bonding at the same time.

Sneak workouts into various activities

Kids don’t realize that what they’re doing is basically exercising. So why not sneak actual workouts into their activities?

For example, if you want to go somewhere with your kid, try walking together to your destination. That way you can bond with your kid with the time you have by walking, and you get to exercise together too. And not to mention the gas money that you save by doing this.

You can also invent some new fun games to play with your kid. Something that involves a lot of moving around.

Weekly sports activity

Set a day in a week that you can dedicate to sports. Let’s say every Saturday, get your kids up and moving by playing soccer or basketball.

Create a set of rules to determine the winner after each match. Another way to make this more fun is by trying as many different sports as you can. Your kids might find their new hobbies this way and they’d love to play sports with you.

Work in the yard together

If you have a yard at home, you can use it to give you more excuses to do stuff together with your kids. For example, during autumn, there might be a lot of leaves in your yard. So, you can bring everyone out to the yard and clean the leaves up. Turn it into a game, by giving a prize to whoever can collect the leaves the most.

During the winter, you can shift everyone’s attention to the porch or walkway. Same as before, turn shoveling snow into a game to keep your kids motivated.

Walking the dog together

This is probably the easiest way to bond with your kids while exercising. If you have dogs at home, you can walk them together with your kids. Getting your kids involved more in taking care of dogs or other pets at home is a great way to bond with your kids and encourage them to be active.

You can start involving your kids as early as 3 to 5 years old. Some experts said that waling the dogs after dinner is a great way to burn calories.

Add more challenge by increasing the distance every week or take alternative routes. You can use the time you have by asking how they’re doing at school or other stuff that’s going on. Perfect opportunity to bond with your kids, right?

Fitness and bonding are a perfect combination

On paper, it sounds perfect, well, because it is. The entire family is healthy and close to each other. Good communication, good relationship, and an overall happy family, all can be achieved with fitness.

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