Is it Possible to Dye Hair Grey Without Bleach?

Grey hair

This needs to be said more, yes, it is possible to dye your hair without using bleach. In fact, since moisture is an important concern when it comes to hair health and colour, bleaching can be harmful and cause many unwanted side effects.

The thing is, bleach can strip away the moisture from your hair follicle. That’s why more and more women are staying away from using bleach to dye their hair. Therefore, I want to talk about how to dye your hair grey without using bleach.

Difficulty level

First, I want to talk about the difficulty level of dyeing your hair grey without bleach. Like I already said, yes, it is possible. And depending on the colour and condition of your hair, it may not be difficult at all.

If your hair a lighter hair colour, you can dye your hair grey easily without using bleach. But, keep in mind that if you have dark hair, this could be challenging for you.

As for the condition of your hair, please don’t dye your hair if it’s already damaged. Bleach or not, you should just leave your hair alone. You certainly don’t want to torture your hair again with unnecessary treatments.


Dyeing your hair can’t be easier than using hairsprays. There are many hairspray products on the market that you can dye your hair grey without needing to use bleach. These hairsprays are easy to use and are great temporary solutions for women who want to dye their hair quickly and easily.

Make sure that your hair is dry before using a hairspray. The colour won’t stick for long enough on wet hair. Another thing that you must do is covering your clothes. Hairsprays will stain your clothes and can be quite a pain to clean.

Chamomile tea

Tea is great to drink but can also be used to dye your hair grey. Inside chamomile tea, some chemicals can help you lighten your hair by two to three shades.

To use chamomile tea, first, put five bags of tea in two cups. Fill the cups with hot water and let them sit there until the water cools down. Next, put tea in a container. Make sure the container is the right size and the tea inside can be easily poured.

Now wash your hair – make sure your hair is damp, then pour the tea over the damp hair. You can also soak your hair into the container if you want. After you’re done, wait until your hair is dry naturally. Repeat these steps until you like the colour of your hair.

Hair dye

Another great solution for women with lighter hair colour is by using a hair dye. Having a lighter hair colour means you don’t need harsh treatments that can strip the pigment of your hair completely. So, using hair dye products will be enough.

Remember that, hair dyes are temporary. The colour will fade away due to shampooing or air exposure. But, reapplying the hair dye once every a few weeks should do the trick. If your hair colour is a bit darker, you must use a hair dye multiple time. Just repeat the process until you get the shade that you want.

Although hair dyes don’t contain bleach, they still contain chemicals, and shouldn’t be used too many times. Just don’t overdo it and your hair should still be fine.

Natural wax hair colour cream

If you’re fine with dyeing your hair multiple times, then you should consider using one of these natural wax hair colour creams. These creams don’t contain bleach or any additives, thus safe to use many times. But the colour will fade away once washed with water.

Natural wax hair colour creams are also a great solution for women with darker hair. You can use these creams to get the shade that you want without risking damaging your hair with bleach and/or harmful chemicals.

Experiment with these tips and get the grey colour that you want

Now it’s time to try these methods yourself and find out which one is your favourite. And perhaps, by doing this, you won’t have to deal with bleach ever again, and keep your hair healthy forever.

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