Black Beauty Tomato Review

Black Beauty tomatoes review

This Black Beauty tomato is simply amazing and wonderful. Although this is my first time growing it, I already know that I will keep doing it for many years to come. And among many other kinds of tomatoes that I’ve tried, Black Beauty is definitely the top ranker of all tomatoes. Also, just like other kinds of tomatoes, Black Beauty is juicy, delicious, and great for your skin.

Due to my love for Black Beauty, I’ve decided to write a review about it. I will explain everything important that I’ve learned so far. Then, you can decide for yourself whether this tomato is worth your time or not.

Starting the process of growing

Okay, so the beginning was very easy and effortless. Thanks to the bottom-watering system for starting my seed, the whole process was beginner-friendly and fun. And as a preventative measure, I planted extra seeds as well. You can do this if you’re a worry-type like me.

In the end, every seed sprouted, and I couldn’t be happier. Since I have enough space in my garden, I just let them all grow. But if you want to, you can give the extras as gifts to your friends or neighbors.

It is also easy to tell these Black Beauty seedlings apart from other tomato plants. Black Beauty seedlings have a deep purple stem.

Now for the transplanting


For the transplant, I went by the book. 2 weeks before the transplant date, I worked the soil thoroughly. It was tough considering my garden was a bit neglected before this. Then, I added quite a lot of compost and about 4 pounds of fertilizer for every 100 square feet. Covered the soil with a tarp and done.

Since I started these seedlings in late spring, they were hardened off very early. This is great because I want a strong stem to support them. Though, I didn’t wait for too long before planting them in the garden.

Fortunately, the weather was friendly enough after the transplant was done. So, I didn’t have to bring the seedlings back indoors. Tomato seedlings are generally strong anyway, so I didn’t worry much.

Harvest time

black beauty tomato growing

I harvested my Black Beauty tomatoes in the summer. At first, I only saw small-sized black tomatoes, but two months later, I had many big-sized tomatoes. The colors are quite diverse too, some are completely black and some aren’t. Those that aren’t completely black have orange and black colors. Some fruits and stems are deep dark indigo-black.

Looking at pests and diseases

The entire process was so smooth, I didn’t see any pests or diseases. No horn worms and these worms are the worst. Some ordinary had eaten like several of my tomatoes though. But that’s not a problem at all.


All of my tomatoes are disease-free. But several of them are cracked. It’s not a problem at all so don’t worry. The insides of these tomatoes look just like normal with no problems whatsoever. I think that these cracks are caused by the heat and lack of water, so keep that in mind.

Now for the taste


I have one word to say, AMAZING. The Black Beauty tomatoes taste amazing. Every tomato is juicy and meaty. It’s very satisfying just to eat one slice of tomato.

I also love the earthy flavor of these tomatoes. But it is also very sweet and rich. It’s nothing like other tomatoes that I’ve tasted and the time it took to grow these are definitely worth it. I also want to mention that some of my tomatoes look beautiful and shiny.

So, the meat is bright red and has the same antioxidant as in blueberries and blackberries. It’s recommended to store Black Beauty tomatoes in room-temperature storage to keep them fresh. Many people have said that these Black Beauty tomatoes are the best tomatoes they have ever eaten.


Black Beauty tomatoes take longer to grow compared to other tomatoes, but the end result is definitely worth it. If you’ve never tried growing these tomatoes before, you should try it and see for yourself the hype behind the Black Beauty. Just make sure you follow the usual procedure properly and water the tomatoes regularly.

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