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6 Great Tips To Serve Healthy Food For Your Family

Cooking for your family is a big and important job. Because you decide what everyone eats every day. Without a good plan and deep knowledge of food, you could put everyone’s health in danger. And you certainly don’t want that.

But, serving healthy food for your family isn’t that difficult. So please don’t be discouraged before you try it. Also, I have some great tips for you so that you and your entire family can eat healthy 24/7.

More fruits and vegetables

This is probably the easiest and most delicious tip on this list. Fruits and vegetables are good for you, affordable, and taste good. And considering that there are many different fruits and vegetables available everywhere, there are endless possibilities to serve healthy food for your family.

By serving as many fruits and vegetables to your family, no one is going to need additional vitamin pills. If you have kids at home, you can train their taste buds to get used to vegetables. With enough time, you can serve them vegetables and they’ll like it and feel full after each meal.

Fruits are also very easy to serve and I’m pretty sure everyone isn’t going to complain about fruits. Try buying different fruits all the time and see which fruits are best for your family. You can always turn them into smoothies if you want to.

A bonus tip for you: try to introduce vegetables with appealing words, so instead of saying green beans, you can say sweet and crispy green beans with almonds.

Always read food ingredient and nutrition labels

Many food companies are sneaky when it comes to honesty. Just because the packaging says low sugar or healthy, doesn’t mean that that’s true. Always read the labels and if you don’t know what some words mean, Google them.

After you’ve read enough labels, you’ll know what to avoid and what to look for. You are your family’s gates to the food they get in the house. By educating yourself, you’re keeping your family safe from bad companies.

Reduce sugary drinks

Sugary drinks are the number one cause of obesity. They’re so harmful especially to children since children love sugary drinks.

Even if you and your family love sugary drinks, you can always cut the amount of sugar consumption by more than 50%. First, you can try switching sugary drink to 100% juice products. Or even better, switch all sugary drinks to smoothies.

You can also try flavored iced teas, just remember to sweeten them yourself. Sugary drinks are bad because they contain a lot of calories but no nutrients.

Regular mealtimes

Many households don’t have regular mealtimes, they eat whenever they’re ready. But it isn’t good for your family. If your family eats at regular times, everyone would be healthier.

Especially important, if one or more of your family members are overweight. Schedule regular mealtimes and create a rule that says snacks are only available between lunch and dinner. This way you can stop them from overeating.

To summarize, only eat 3 meals a day, those 3 meals are scheduled, and no more than one snack each day and only between lunch and dinner.

Encourage your children to eat slowly

Sometimes children eat really fast so they can continue playing. This makes them hungry at a faster rate. That’s why it’s important to encourage your kids to eat slowly.

Teach them to appreciate the food in front of them and chew properly. This could make them eat slower and if they ask for a second serving, ask them to wait at least 15 minutes. After 15 minutes you can ask them again. If they’re still hungry, serve them a much smaller portion than the first and with more veggies.

Involve your children in shopping and preparing meals

This is actually a great way to teach your kids to recognize and appreciate healthy foods. Always explain to them why a certain food is better for them than others. You can also learn your kids’ food preferences this way.

Kids who understand food and how to prepare a meal are more willing to eat food that they help prepare. Even if you put more vegetables in it.

Your family depends on you

Never think that you’re powerless when it comes to your family’s health. In fact, it’s the opposite. You decide how healthy your family can be, by serving them healthy food every single day.

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Cardi B Without Makeup

Cardi B without makeup is probably the most shocking thing you’ll ever see this year. No editing and no exaggeration here. The pictures you’re going to see are going to tell you a complete side of Cardi B.

And you already know Cardi B. She is one of the most popular female singers and rappers in the world today. Everyone always associates her with glamorous makeup, sensual music videos, and bizarre ways to talk.

Cardi B is also famous for being outspoken and not holding back. And that’s why she has caused many controversies and is always interesting to talk about. Just like everything I’ve pointed out, Cardi B without makeup is just as interesting.

That’s why I want to share pictures of her without makeup. Be amazed and shocked at these pictures.

Shopping without makeup


Let’s start with the most famous picture of Cardi B without makeup. This picture is quite recent, and the fans love it so much.

It’s just amazing how someone like Cardi B goes shopping without makeup. You might think someone as famous as her, would never go anywhere without makeup. Especially when she is out shopping with so many people around.

But you’d be wrong, and this picture is the proof. No heavy makeup and no over-the-top jewelry on her. She looks comfortable without makeup and does her activities as usual.

Strolling in New York


Another proof that Cardi B is comfortable with herself, even without makeup. In this picture, she is seen taking a walk with her bodyguard in New York. She is wearing a sweater, no makeup, messy hair, but interestingly, she doesn’t forget about her nails.

Cardi B also makes sure that everyone can see her lovely engagement ring and some diamond bracelets. This is like sending a message to young women out there to be confident and show everyone what they’re capable of.

Thanking her fans


This picture is taken from her personal Instagram account, where she is thanking her fans for supporting her.

Many fans agree that this is her way of keeping it real to all her fans and supporters. Cardi B is seen without makeup and recording herself personally thanking her fans. She is comfortable with everyone looking at her makeup-free face.

Also, seems like she is ready to go bed. But look at how good her skin is. It’s glowing and makes her look gorgeous.

More interaction with her fans


Cardi B really loves her fans, and she shows that by interacting a lot with her fans via Instagram. To be more personal with everyone, she shows her makeup-free face while answering and talking to people who tune in.

From the look of it, she is inside a car, in the middle of the road. She is probably using her downtime to talk to her fans. And like always her makeup-free face is being accompanied by a happy smile.

Looking exhausted


Here’s a rare picture of Cardi B, not only without makeup but also looking exhausted. It’s like she is about to pass out at any moment. This picture was probably taken after a busy day, and she is ready to sleep any time.

And the most amazing thing is that this is from her Instagram story. So, it’s not just a picture but also her way of showing her real self to everyone. She isn’t afraid of showing everyone what she looks like at home.

Even more amazing that she does this often. She wants everyone to know what it’s like in the life of Cardi B even when the lights are off. Truly an inspiration for many women all over the world.

Looking cute


This is also a recent post on her Instagram where she is thanking Billboard. She gives an announcement to everyone that she broke several records in the music industry. And again, she isn’t afraid to show her makeup-free face on her Instagram.

She is also thanking her fans or BARDIGANG for encouraging and criticizing her to keep going. Looks like she records this at her home, and she is wearing a lovely bathrobe and a cute bandana. She also sounds very passionate when addressing the fans.

Cardi B’s pictures without makeup prove how amazing and ‘real’ she is. On and off the stage, you can see her trying hard to show everyone her true self. No wonder she is famous and successful.

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Gwen Stefani Without Makeup – You won’t believe this

Gwen Stefani without makeup is one of those surprising things that you thought you wouldn’t see. She is one of those famous rock chicks who are always looking fabulous no matter what. Many fans have images of Gwen Stefani performing on stage or appearing in public burned in their minds. That’s why it’s difficult to imagine her looking different no matter how hard you try.

But the thing is that Gwen Stefani is comfortable with herself, with or without makeup. If you haven’t seen her without makeup before, you won’t believe what you’re going to see. And maybe her pictures without makeup will encourage you to be more confident with yourself.

Candid and natural


What does she look at in this picture? Well, who knows? But one thing for sure is that this picture is candid and natural. Looks like she didn’t expect anyone to take her picture at this moment, but she doesn’t care.

You can clearly see that she doesn’t wear makeup in this picture. A lot different than the usual Gwen that you know right?

Looks stylish as ever


This is one of those pictures that she uploaded on Instagram. That’s right, she uploaded a picture of her without makeup herself.

Her dark overcoat compliments her bright blonde hair. She looks really good in her casual clothing. Gwen looks like she is about to go to a grocery store or something. Maybe because she looks entirely natural and relaxed in the picture.

Fans were quick to respond, of course. They said some things like how lucky her husband is and how beautiful she is even without makeup, and they’re right. And one thing that I can tell you is that this isn’t the only picture of her without makeup on her Instagram.

At a birthday party


This is a rare picture of Gwen from many years ago. The man in the picture is Eric Stefani, who is her big brother, and he contributes a lot to her career.

Gwen looks cute there wearing a simple white dress and holding a cake for her big brother. Her hairstyle and overall style are casual and simple. It’s difficult to imagine that the woman in the picture is the same Gwen Stefani that we know and love.

A completely different style


Do you realize that Gwen rarely wears a hat? In this picture, not only she is not wearing makeup, but she also wears a hat.

Her whole getup suggests that she is about to go on an adventure. Probably taking a walk with her husband in the forest or something like that. If you see her somewhere looking like this, you probably won’t recognize her. Especially when she is also wearing a giant pair of glasses.

I also want to point out that this is a cute selfie and many fans will agree that this is one of their favorite pictures. Gwen is relaxed and casual on her bed, about to go somewhere on her day off. Not to mention her natural expression without exaggeration or anything like that.

Lovely moment together


If you’re wondering what Gwen looks like naturally, this is it. Gwen looks as natural as possible in this picture, enjoying the moment with someone she loves. No makeup, no costume, no paparazzi, nothing else but the two of them.

I bet she didn’t think before taking this picture. She just wanted to capture the happy moment. Gwen does what she wants, the lack of makeup doesn’t bother her. And she is happy to share it with all of her fans.

She is just like everyone else


This picture is probably my favorite among others. The reason is that she looks just like an ordinary person in this picture. Just casually strolling in the city, without makeup, dresses casually, and looks like the sun is blinding her.

If you see her like this on the street, you’ll be surprised to know that this is the same Gwen Stefani. And no matter how you look at it, she is just trying to enjoy her time without thinking about makeup.

Do you believe me know that Gwen Stefani looks really different without makeup? Knowing her casual side is a treat for many fans. I know this because every time Gwen uploads a picture of her without makeup, the fans go crazy on Instagram.

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Best Ways To Dress For The Gym If Open To Dating

So, you’re loving your time at the gym and a few others there you wouldn’t mind, maybe, dating? I mean, why not? They take care of themselves and seem disciplined, and you can tick the “Same hobby” box off your list already.

There’s nothing wrong with dating someone you met at the gym. But the problem is, do you know what to wear to let him or her know that you’re open to dating?

You might already know what to wear to go to the gym, but something for the gym that looks good? Now that’s tricky. But luckily, I have some great ideas that you can use to attract your potential soulmate.

Shorts or pants?

This is for men who go to the gym. Women seem to like both shorts and pants, but there some things that you should know.

Some women think that mesh shorts are practical and make sense for men to wear them at a gym. If you’re comfortable with shorts, you should try them and see her reaction.

But there’s something that you should know first: some women hate shorts. And I mean really hate them. They think only teenagers or college students wear shorts and depending on the shorts, some shorts make men look like a tool. The worst thing is some women think that shorts make men look like an exhibitionist.

Now for pants, seems like pants are more well-received for women. Most women love pants or jogger pants. They think pants are sexy, casual and easy-going, sporty, and overall look good on everyone. If you want to play it safe, make sure you wear pants to the gym.

The downside is that the same women also think that men who wear pants at a gym don’t really work out. Women who are serious about working out at the gym seem to like to think this way. Well, maybe you can prove them wrong by showing them you work out?

Wearing the right T-shirt

One clear thing, women like men who wear workout T-shirts at the gym. I’m talking about T-shirts that can do many things well: sturdy, breathable, absorb sweat and smell and look good. Other than that, a plain old T-shirt should be good enough.

Seems like there are no other opinions from women regarding men’s top. T-shirts with the properties I mentioned above are your best bet.

For things that women don’t like are tank top, long sleeve, sleeveless, and a muscle tee. You should avoid these tops if you don’t want to push her away.

A stylish sports bra

Men love sports bras, and sports bras are great for women who want to work out at a gym. I think the most important thing you should consider is comfort and functionality. Sports bras are individual, what suits other women might not suit you.

Sports bras with neutral colors are a hit among men and these colors hit the perfect balance between functionality and stylish. Other colors like yellow, red, or blue are too much for gyms.

You can combine a sports bra with a loose shirt to create a cute combination. The shirt shouldn’t be too bright either, you can choose colors like light pink, white, grey, or light yellow.

Always remember that picking the right sports bra is also important for your health. Always wear a supportive bra to work out, especially if you have a moderate to a large chest. Otherwise, it can lead to upper back and should pain after you’re done working out.

Yoga pants

I think people know this already, that yoga pants are the best bottom wear for women to go to the gym. Yoga pants are flexible, comfortable to wear, and look stunningly good.

Yoga pants are popular among women because they’re stretchy and can fit perfectly, made of cotton or other soft materials, breathable, affordable, and perfect for the outside of a gym too.

Also, yoga pants are popular among men because they show your curves, make you look so much better, and well, many men are crazy about yoga pants. It’s like a win-win solution for you; you can attract the guy that you like at the gym and feel comfortable working out at the same time.

Working out and flirting at the same time

There you have it, a list of great ways to dress for the gym that you can use to let him or her know that you’re open to dating. Be more confident when you go to the gym by dressing better and hopefully, he or she will pick the signals.

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Taylor Swift Without Makeup – What a difference!

Have you ever seen Taylor Swift without makeup? You won’t believe the difference between her with makeup on and without makeup on. No matter how many times you’ve seen other celebrities without makeup on, no one is as beautiful as this beautiful singer.

Taylor Swift’s unique face always stands out no matter what, and I want to prove it to you guys. Go ahead see it for yourself.

Taylor looks like a teenager in this picture


When she isn’t wearing makeup, she looks even younger to the point that she looks like a teenager. Look at this picture, doesn’t she look young, innocent, and pure? I can’t go on and on about how cute she is in this picture.

Just look at that carefree smile and unkempt hair, not to mention her innocent eyes. She is lovely and I don’t think she has any flaws. This picture speaks of pure joy and happiness.

Before she got famous


This picture when she was still unknown. Taylor in the picture was before the time she became one of the best singers of our time.

Even before she was famous, Taylor already looks like a big star in this picture. In fact, many fans are amazed by this picture of her without makeup. You can see here that she looks really young with blonde hair and green eyes.

Just like with the picture from before, she looks lovely and innocent. Many new and old fans were captivated by this old picture.

Taylor is an elf


A picture of Taylor without her makeup is one thing, but dressing up too? Now, this is an adorable picture that many fans love.

In this picture, Taylor looks relaxed and enjoying the costume, which looks like a onesie. She is dressed as an elf who helps Santa for Christmas. Of course, there’s no makeup in the North Pole, so to make it more authentic and believable, Taylor doesn’t use makeup.

Looks good in a sundress


Yet another picture of Taylor Swift without makeup, where she looks as cute as ever. This time she is wearing a sundress.

She looks casual here as if she encourages women to be comfortable with themselves even without makeup on. You can clearly see that Taylor is very confident here wearing a simple dress. So, no matter what you wear or whether you have your makeup on or not, be confident just like Taylor Swift.

Before going to sleep


Taylor Swift made sure that everyone knows what she looks like before sleeping. And I’m not surprised at all that she looks adorable here.

It’s like Taylor wants to wish everyone good night. Not to mention that it’s healthy for your skin to make sure that there’s no trace of makeup before you go to sleep. So, clean up your face and get rid of your makeup, and finally, get a good sleep.

Also, you can see that the pillow has her initial there. I wonder where she got that pillow from?

Going outside without makeup


If you think Taylor Swift always wears makeup when she is outside, you’re completely wrong. Here you can see the pure and joyful Taylor Swift out on the field wearing a t-shirt and of course, without makeup.

And look how happy and relaxed she is. She doesn’t care about makeup or even the fact that her hair is a bit messy. Her amazing hair, skin, face, eyes, and teeth are unaffected by her lack of makeup. 

She proves that makeup doesn’t make a person. You should think the same thing and feel comfortable no matter where you are, what you wear, and whether you have makeup or not.

She can be lazy too


Here’s another unique Taylor Swift without makeup. You can see that she is wearing a hoodie while strolling in the city. She looks so much different from when she is performing.

She managed to look cute and adorable even without makeup and wearing only a hoodie. To make it even better, she tied her hair and call it a day. Looks like she didn’t want to spend too much time preparing before going out.

As you can see, Taylor Swift looks completely different without makeup. You can see another side of Taylor Swift when she isn’t performing. And you’re right if you think she still looks cute and amazing.

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How To Tell If A Guy Is Flirting With You

Knowing the signs of flirting can be very important. Whether you’re on the lookout or just trying to know what men are thinking about you, recognizing the signs could help you a lot.

Never miss out on the subtle clues and movements that a guy makes when he is flirting with you. And most importantly, knowing exactly if a guy is flirting with you or just being friendly.

He gives you awkward compliments

It’s indeed nice to receive compliments, but what about awkward compliments. Turns out, that men tend to give awkward compliments to see how you’d react. It’s their way of testing the water if you would.

So, when a guy likes to jokingly pick on you by making a comment about your looks or personality, it might be a sign that he is into you. Of course, there’s a limit to how much can someone tease you. If you feel uncomfortable or sad because of his comments, you should tell him that.

He treats you differently from other girls

This might be the obvious sign on this list. But the problem is that some guys are flirty to everyone. Guys like this flirt with everyone, because it is their normal behaviors.

That being said, even flirty guys will treat a girl they like differently. The way they talk, flirt, and interact in general will be different when it’s directed to someone they like.

Observe him and see how he behaves around others, then compare it to the way he behaves around you. If you can see a difference, then he might be into you.

A lot of brief glances

When a guy throws you a brief glance, there is a high chance that he isn’t flirting with your or anything like that. But it’s different when he does that a lot.

Men usually, without even realizing it, throw or direct many brief glances at someone they like. And sometimes he is trying to tell you that he is interested to talk to you more. So, if you keep looking at a guy’s eyes from across the room, it might be more than just a coincidence.

He tries to understand your relationship status

Curiosity is a good sign of someone being interested in you. If a guy tries his hardest to figure out your relationship status, there’s a high chance he’s into you. That means he’s trying to know if you’re available to take things further or not.

The way he asks you may vary. You should watch out for questions like “Are you here alone?”, “Your boyfriend is really lucky”, or “No way a girl like you is single”. If you hear any of these questions, he might be flirting with you.

He seems shy or flustered

You know that someone is in love when they turn red when seeing someone. Even the most confident guy can be shy or flustered when he is in talking to his crush.

If you’re wondering why the guy you’re talking to is rambling on some subjects, that might be because he likes you.

He fidgets when he’s near you

Similar to the sign above. When a guy keeps messing with his jeans or jacket when he’s near you, that’s a sign that he’s excited.

Many guys don’t know what to do with their hands when talking to girls they like. That’s why they fidget a lot. Sometimes a guy might fidget a lot that they look like they’re uncomfortable.

Before you conclude, it’s important to know whether the guy is normally awkward or not. Because there is a chance that the guy is just awkward and fidgets a lot. That means he isn’t flirting with you. But if he’s a pretty confident guy or only fidgets around you, then there might be something else here.

He can’t stop trying to impress you

It’s normal for a guy to do something extra to impress the girl that he likes. Sometimes he will also mention his big promotion, hobbies, apartment, or talents to impress someone.

Not to be mistaken for being arrogant, as long as he’s only doing it to you, then he might be trying to get you to like him.

Maybe it’s time for you to put it past the flirting stage

After you’re confident that he’s into you, you can push him a little bit to finally commit. Even though at some point he might seem less engaged or even cold toward you, you can pull him closer. So don’t be afraid to be more afraid.

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5 Healthy Meals That are Good For Your Skin

Your diet is one of the biggest health factors that people tend to overlook. A good diet will not only make you healthier but also give you better skin.

It’s been proven that what you eat affects your skin among other parts of your body. If you haven’t created a list of good food to improve your skin, you should start right now. And believe me, this is the solution that you’ve been looking for. Improving your diet is way better than spending a fortune on beauty products that may or may not work.

Anyway, here’s a list of 5 healthy meals that can keep your skin healthy and slow down the aging process.

1. Fatty fish

Adding fresh fatty fish into your meals is a great way to keep your skin healthy. The most popular fatty fish would be salmon that you can easily buy from a grocery store. Other great choices are sardines, mackerel, cod, and herring.

The main components of a fatty fish that I want to talk about are omega-3 fatty acids, mineral zinc, and protein. The most important one is probably the omega-3. Omega-3 can reduce inflammation, which can be the cause of facial redness and even acne. Eating fish regularly can make your skin looks healthy and shiny.

There are several ways to prepare fatty fish and you can learn how to do it in no time. You can try grilling your fish with dill and fresh lemon and serve it with roasted carrots. Fish is one of the most versatile foods in the world. You can try other fish meals and see which one is your favorite.

Other health benefits you can get from fatty or oily fish are slowing plaque buildup in your arteries, decreasing certain types of fats in your blood, and improving blood flow.

2. Berries

The best way to get enough antioxidants is by eating berries. You will also get enough flavonoids, which can help get rid of your wrinkles.

Berries are rich in vitamin C, the biggest producer of collagen. Collagen is the most common type of protein in your tendons, ligaments, fat, and other places. It’s very important for your body and without it, your body will fall apart.

With a healthy amount of collagen in your body, your skin will stay firm, resilient, and bouncy. Many people’s diets don’t give enough vitamin C or collagen. If you think you’re also the same, just add berries into your daily meals.

Obviously, you can consume berries on their own. But if you want to try something else, you can turn them into a smoothie, put them on top of oatmeal or cereal, or eat them after each meal.

3. Carrots

There’s a famous knowledge that eating carrots can keep your eyes healthy. But less popular knowledge is that carrots can also keep your skin healthy.

Carrots are rich in carotene and vitamin C. Carotene or beta carotene is a provitamin A carotenoid that our body can convert into vitamin A or retinol. It has powerful antioxidant properties that can improve your skin’s health.

There is a study that says, by consuming enough antioxidant micro nutrients, you can increase your skin’s defenses against UV radiation and keep your skin healthy and look good.

Incorporating carrots in your daily meals is probably the easiest thing you can do. You can roast them or steam them; they go well with almost everything.

4. Avocados

Avocado toast is a very popular meal especially during breakfast or lunch and it’s more than just tasty, it’s also great for your skin.

Inside avocados, there are fats like monounsaturated and polyunsaturated that provide many health benefits for your body. By consuming enough fats, your skin will stay supple and flexible. Furthermore, avocados are rich in vitamin E as well, which is important for your skin.

You can add avocados to your meals by turning them into guacamole, put them on toast, turn them into a smoothie, and more.

5. Red or yellow bell peppers

I personally love bell peppers, and I love them, even more, when I found out that they’re good for my skin. Bell peppers are an excellent source of beta carotene.

You don’t even need to consume a lot of bell pepper to get the benefits. 149 grams of red bell pepper contains around 156% of the daily value for vitamin A and 211% of the daily value of vitamin C.

Bell peppers go well with tofu, sausages, chicken, tuna, eggs, tomatoes, and many more. You can experiment as much as you want using bell peppers.

And don’t forget to drink enough water

Let’s not forget about drinking enough water every single day. Drinking 9 ½ cups of water daily for at least 4 weeks will improve the thickness of your skin. Add this interesting fact into your improved meals and you will never worry about your skin.

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What Every Girl Needs to Know About Online Dating

Remember when using dating apps or meeting and dating someone you met through dating apps was considered bad? Well, not anymore. In fact, it’s almost the opposite now. Many people, especially young adults, now love using dating apps to find their soul mates.

But there are some problems when it comes to dating apps. You might’ve heard many horror stories about dating apps. For example, guys who are only looking for a one-night stand, cat fishing, or even outright scary and dangerous experiences.

That’s why you need to know a few important things about online dating before you start committing to it. Let’s get right to it.

Spending time in person is more important

Okay, so you met someone through a dating app, or perhaps you gave a guy your phone number. After you’re done with background checks and sure that he isn’t a murderer or anything like that, it’s to meet him in person.

Sometimes talking to someone through the phone or internet just falls flat. That’s why you shouldn’t feel too discouraged just because you don’t feel any connection at first. To take it to the next level, choose a nice public place to meet. After all, you’re looking for a human companion and not a human on a screen.

Learn the red flags

There are millions of people using dating apps. It’ll take you hours to comb through dozens or even hundreds of profiles just to find the right one. To speed up the process, you can discard profiles that show too many red flags.

The first red flag is an incomplete profile. Creating an online profile isn’t easy and those who put effort into it have shown that they’re serious about online dating. So, if you see an incomplete or half-done profile, you can take it as a sign that the guy isn’t serious about it.

The second is bad pick-up lines. Bad pick-up lines are funny sometimes, but only if you’re not the one receiving it. How a person initiates a conversation with you will tell you a lot about how they behave and how they see you as a person.

If he starts by making a comment on your body in a sexual way, you can consider it a red flag. Too many cheesy lines can also be a red flag, depending on your taste.

The third is a bit scary: too mysterious. Online dating is like the wild west. So many mysteries involving the people in it. To some, it can be alluring and exciting, but if someone is being too secretive, it can be scary as well.

It’s important to know as much as possible about the person you’re talking to before meeting him in person. If you think he is hiding something or giving too little about himself, you should be careful. Sometimes, people like this tend to cancel their plans at the last minute and that is a big red flag.

The last red flag is demanding or controlling. People like this are more common than you think. If he already sounds demanding or controlling, imagine what he is going to be like once you two are dating.

Safety is your number one priority

Much like conventional dating, online dating can be dangerous as well. This is why I suggest meeting someone in public places, especially for the first couple of dates.

Never agree when someone asks you to meet somewhere private for the first date. Besides a risk to your safety, you might feel trapped or uncomfortable if you don’t enjoy the date. On the contrary, if you’re meeting in a public space, and you’re not enjoying the date, you can end it and leave anytime.

It’s important to pick a place that’s not too far or too close to your place, a place that you’re familiar with or have visited before, or a place where you can head home with no problems.

Also, last but not least, watch out for alcohol. Don’t drink too much and remember that bartenders are using secret codes to send or receive signals from customers. So, if you’re being harassed or not comfortable, you can ask for their help.

Online dating is fun, but you should always be careful

Like I said online dating is fun if done the right way and if you’re feeling safe and comfortable. With the right approach, you can definitely the love of your life and stay away from troubles.

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Top Ways how Feeling Healthy Makes You More Beautiful & Desirable

Feeling healthy is truly the key to happiness. You’ll feel more energetic and confident every day. The energy and confidence you show off will make people think that you’re more beautiful.

I know that the standard of beauty varies from person to person, or country to country. But the definitions of beauty have shifted into something that is related to health and confidence. Being healthy and comfortable in one’s own skin are the two major features of beauty.

I am going to explain more how feeling healthy already makes you more beautiful in the eyes of the public. I hope this article can encourage you to prioritize health over anything else.

The importance of feeling positive

The name of this psychological experience of feeling good or positive about oneself is subjective well being or SWB. SWB has been proven to have considerable long- and short-term health benefits.

People who are experiencing SWB will have no difficulties to maintain a better lifestyle compared to others who aren’t. Things like eating better, high-quality sleep, regularly visiting doctors for health checkups, increased immunity, and taking better care of oneself, are commonly found in people with SWB.

One of the biggest effects of SWB is increasing one’s lifespan. A study found that SWB can extend one’s life expectancy by up to 7.5 years of life. This effect is mainly caused by the health benefits and the reduction of the aging rate created by a healthy lifestyle.

SWB enhances the beauty and personal care and vice versa. The typical scenario is that SWB makes one care more about taking care of themselves. This, in turn, makes them feel more confident and feel healthier than before. Over time, this cycle becomes a habit that can improve overall well-being.

So how does SWB make you more beautiful? Personal care leads to happiness and a positive attitude. People with a positive attitude tend to walk taller and with more confidence, have better posture as opposed to slouching unconsciously, make more direct contact with anyone they’re talking to, and smile more in every situation.

Sometimes, people with SWB don’t even realize that they do all these. They just do it naturally and effortlessly. Furthermore, people with SWB tend to exercise more, take baths regularly, and generally take better care of themselves. Another thing that people notice is that SWB makes one look and feel more relaxed. 

Less stress

Health is heavily related to stress. When you’re not feeling healthy, a little bit of pressure or an unpleasant experience can stress you out. This is why it’s important to prioritize your health.

Being healthy reduces stress and makes you more relaxed. Less stress and more relaxation improve your respiratory rate and oxygen intake and blood pressure.

The science behind this phenomenon is the more you relax the less cortisol your body produces. Cortisol is a stress hormone that affects your cardiovascular function and how your body uses fats, carbohydrates, and proteins.

Scientists also said that the lack of stress influences the body on the cellular level and activates certain genes that fight diseases. Many pieces of research are also being conducted to find out the effect of stress or the lack of it, on the aging process. And the results have been positive so far.

So, it’s not surprising that people who are more relaxed and not stressed look healthier and more beautiful. They will also look more approachable and easier to talk to. Everyone will feel comfortable talking to them or just hanging out with them.

Being healthy feels good

I can’t stress this enough. Being healthy does feel good and feeling good triggers many happy emotions that will make you more confident in yourself.

Feeling happy can also affect your life in a big way. For example, laughing often can decrease the chance of getting heart disease. Being healthy and happy can also lower blood pressure and that is important considering the effects it has on your overall health.

Feeling healthy heavily impacts your looks

Health and beauty are closely related to each other. You can’t just focus on one thing and neglect the other. Activities involving take care of personal health will affect how you present yourself to other people. Always make sure that you’re at your optimal health every single day.

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Ways To Bond With Your Kids Using Fitness

Many parents are struggling to bond with their kids, and that is a shame. Another problem is that many kids are now getting heavier and heavier. Some kids are even categorized as obese and it’s like a life sentence for those kids.

As a parent, there are many ways for you to bond and help your kids stay healthy. And the best way is using fitness to your advantage.

You might think that it’s crazy, but I call this a creative solution to many problems. Fitness can be fun and engaging for both parents and kids. Even better if you already exercising regularly, so now you’ll get a new exercise buddy.

Now it’s time to act and strengthen your relationship with your kids. Here are some fun and effective ways to bond with your kids using fitness.

Turn up the music

That’s right, the best way to get your kids to start exercising is by listening to music while they do it. Get a lot of dance tunes first, choose ones that sound catchy and make you want to move.

Next, move some furniture aside to make some room, this way your kid can move freely. Now play the songs and make sure that it’s loud enough for everyone in the room to hear. You’d be surprised how long you can keep your kid going by doing this.

Fitness instruction videos with music in the background can be fun as well, sometimes they’re even better than just listening to music. Now you and your kid can follow the moves from the video, listening to the music, and bonding at the same time.

Sneak workouts into various activities

Kids don’t realize that what they’re doing is basically exercising. So why not sneak actual workouts into their activities?

For example, if you want to go somewhere with your kid, try walking together to your destination. That way you can bond with your kid with the time you have by walking, and you get to exercise together too. And not to mention the gas money that you save by doing this.

You can also invent some new fun games to play with your kid. Something that involves a lot of moving around.

Weekly sports activity

Set a day in a week that you can dedicate to sports. Let’s say every Saturday, get your kids up and moving by playing soccer or basketball.

Create a set of rules to determine the winner after each match. Another way to make this more fun is by trying as many different sports as you can. Your kids might find their new hobbies this way and they’d love to play sports with you.

Work in the yard together

If you have a yard at home, you can use it to give you more excuses to do stuff together with your kids. For example, during autumn, there might be a lot of leaves in your yard. So, you can bring everyone out to the yard and clean the leaves up. Turn it into a game, by giving a prize to whoever can collect the leaves the most.

During the winter, you can shift everyone’s attention to the porch or walkway. Same as before, turn shoveling snow into a game to keep your kids motivated.

Walking the dog together

This is probably the easiest way to bond with your kids while exercising. If you have dogs at home, you can walk them together with your kids. Getting your kids involved more in taking care of dogs or other pets at home is a great way to bond with your kids and encourage them to be active.

You can start involving your kids as early as 3 to 5 years old. Some experts said that waling the dogs after dinner is a great way to burn calories.

Add more challenge by increasing the distance every week or take alternative routes. You can use the time you have by asking how they’re doing at school or other stuff that’s going on. Perfect opportunity to bond with your kids, right?

Fitness and bonding are a perfect combination

On paper, it sounds perfect, well, because it is. The entire family is healthy and close to each other. Good communication, good relationship, and an overall happy family, all can be achieved with fitness.